Household dust can actually enter the interior of your computers case and choke off the airflow around critical components which need fresh cool air in order to keep working efficiently.  If dust has "choked" the air supply from your electronics, they will overheat and possibly fail...permanently.  The possibility of losing pictures, files, and documents is very real and very expensive unless you are cleaning and maintaining your equipment regularly.

ePRO's service professionals will come to your house to clean and maintain your equipment to ensure that it is running in tip top shape.

    1. Cleaning Service
        1. Fee = $75
        2. Time = 60 minutes
        3. Detail : The ePRO technician will perform the following upon arriving on site
          1. The computer will be disconnected and removed from its station
          2. All intake and exhaust fan ports will be vacuumed
          3. All internal heatsinks will be brushed clean and the case interior will be vacuumed following strict anti-static procedures.
          4. The technician will give the interior a visual inspection
          5. The computer will be re-placed in its original position


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